Shame on You:
Rising from the Ashes of Shame to Face Guilt

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It is May of 1969. Like many other Iranians his age, Shahrokh (Shah) comes to the U.S. in pursuit of higher education. This is his first time away from his family, people, culture, and country. He speaks very little English, and all he knows about America is what he’s seen in the movies. After living a couple of years in the U.S., Shah finds he is not able to live up to the expectations of his shame-based culture. He struggles to keep his sanity and tries to find some solace in the guilt based Western culture. The readers will laugh and at times even cry with Shah as they follow him in the footsteps of his journey in life. Powerful in its simplicity, this is a book about the clash of two cultures, loss, and redemption.

About the Cover: In Farsi, an ofen used idiom in place of “shame on you” is the phrase “khak-baar saaret,” which literally means “ash or dust on your head.

Shame on You



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