We Can Help With Your Church Groups

If you’re a pastor, or a group leader who desires to see your people embark upon a journey to draw closer to God while building stronger relationships with each other, we can help you reach your goal through spiritual disciplines such as:

  • Lectio Divina, or Divine Reading
  • Prayer
  • Silence / Solitude
  • Worship

Experience The Power Of Personal Groups

If you’re seeking a deep spiritual relationship with the Divine and a community experience, this group is for you. At Shahzam Factor we believe in the power of conversation and community support to transform lives.

We also believe that a true relationship with God and those around us is built upon trust. This is best accomplished in small settings and with people whom you meet with (interact) regularly. Let us help you accomplish such gatherings where people who long for transparent relationships can enjoy the freedom of being themselves while drawing closer to the Divine.

We accomplish the above through practicing disciplines like:

  • Meditation
  • Silence
  • Solitude
  • Community



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